Our passion for personal growth has flourished into our new sister company SHINE WELLNESS. We welcome you to explore all we have to offer you on your journey into mindfulness, and empowering tools and services.




Wellness Services

Current Offferings include:

90 min Reiki Sessions

Couples Reiki

Life Coaching

Emotional Freedom Coaching



We LOVE connecting with you daily on our social media, but the truth is WE ARE ALL ABOUT SEEING YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE IN PERSON! The Wellness team here at Shine puts so much heartfelt time into meditating on what our community is asking for. We create classes and experiences that will help you feel connected, loved, supported, and finally filled with the exact knowledge YOU need to break through the barriers and energetic walls surrounding your goals! Get ready for the joys and friendships waiting for you in your ideal life!

Podcast & Online Tribe​

The NEW PODCAST IS LIVE! It’s Called Inspired to Shine and is avaliable on Apple podcast, Spotify, Anchor, and most all platforms. Friends Drea & Kari discuss their experiences as they learn to embrace the truth of who they are and how they choose to show up and serve the world. Listen and be Inspired to Shine as well! Improve  your life, and find greater peace and joy. Join them on their own journey, manifesting their business as entrepreneurs and sharing insights, tools to and valuable knowledge. that can help you create your own ideal life. 


Inner Beauty
andrea pettingill

Who am I to SHINE

You are powerful beyond measure
you are brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous. And it is more than okay to SHINE

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We Know that nothing changes in our lives until the PAIN of remaining the same becomes GREATER than the pain of change. So we push you to believe in your greatness and get out of your own way already! so do it … like right now! … hurry up our next challenge group starts soon!!!

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