Find your Nail Salon Home here

If you have been going from one salon to the next looking for someone who does it right, we want you to find your salon home here. We want to do your hair, nails, pedicure and more so that our whole team knows you on a first name basis! We know you want a technician who is the best at what they do, and we strive to stay on top of trends and techniques to serve you better. Appointments are always preferred so we can plan on the best solutions for your individual needs. Even though we are a collective of independent stylists & technicians, we’re all here to make sure you have a great experience.


We Provide a relaxing salon in two smaller rooms to give you a more private and calm appointment experience


Feel Comfortable

 We provide seasoned beauty professionals, who make it easy to feel comfortable in your own skin and safe to show up as your true self, we want you to ask the questions about trends and styles for your skin tone, face, or hand type, that you have always wanted to ask.

Latest Trend

We research and Share the latest trends, techniques and technology in the beauty industry with our shine beauty friends.


Community Growth

We bring people together with common goals for learning and personal growth, When you know better you do better and we have a community event for that thing your struggling with!

Be Beautiful

We Curate #InnerBeautyWerk tools and share them with you to help you feel beautiful and fabulous inside and out

Amazing Products

We share beauty products that help you get glamorous daily from home

We connect you to the local community, with resources especially for those who have recently moved to North Ogden, or for those who want a better connection with the area.


Why Shine Beauty

At Shine Beauty In North Ogden UT, you’ll find a group of talented experts in the Beauty Industry. Each of our team members specialize in the services they offer be it Gel Nails, Make-up, and Pedicures. We go above and beyond to learn skills that help you to best express your truest self on your nails, and more.

Our Environment is designed to help you feel relaxed and give you space to recharge. We have 2 small rooms keeping salon chatter to a minimum, while giving you individual attention from your beautician.

At Shine Beauty, we have a culture based personal growth. Because of our combined experience in the industry as unofficial “therapists” to our beloved clients, we created Inner Beauty Resources to help you feel as beautiful inside as you already are on the outside. We look forward to helping you Shine as your most gorgeous, brilliant, talented self.

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