You have a Business Tribe?

It’s Your Career.

Your Space.

Your Schedule.

You DON’T have to do it alone!

  • Business Coaching
  • Weekly Mastermind
  • Vagaro Software
  • Relaxing Environment
  • WiFi
  • On-Site Laundry
  • Large desks And counter space
  • Ample Storage
  • Sell your own products

Life Coaches
Energy Workers

We believe in beauty inside & out and we are looking for people passionate about helping others. We Have a Space to Rent for your private sessions. 

Every Tuesday at noon we meet as “Shine Business Collective” Never worry alone. Ask your questions, get real help with your business. Time is money, don’t worry! We order lunch the day before and meet in our conference room on site.

*Outside entrepreneurs welcome! Come meet us this Tuesday!

Surround yourself with Boss Babes

Our team of Beauty and wellness professionals are individual entrepreneurs taking big leaps in their business and achieving big goals. It’s so stinking fun to be around others doing what you want to do and taking you along for the ride!

Freedom to Be an Artist

In her experience working at other salons, Owner AnDrea saw a problem for nail techs, there was no room to be creative. How are you suppose to work in those conditions?  Our nail techs love that they get so much room to store supplies as well as a large desk top to be free to work. 


Less salon noise more Relaxing for clients

Our clients appreciate the atmosphere we have crated at Shine Beauty. We believe its not about shouting over the radio but more about honoring what is most likely your client’s only hour that week to sit still and slow down. Your client wants to relax and we are all about that! Our beautiful salon design merges the historic brick of the cannery with soft feminine fabrics and decor.

Affordable Booth Rent In North Ogden UT

As the Owner, of this new concept salon my perspective on rent is not as an income generator for myself but rather as a collaboration to cover costs and improve salon atmosphere plus client experience. I want YOU to make money so that you love working here. I want YOU  to grow your business, be able to afford education, and grow your skills. Giving clients the best experience, and service. Happy people make others happy! –Drea

Location Perks

North Ogden, UT has a population of 18,289 people with a median age of 34.2 and a median household income of $78,598. Between 2015 and 2016 the population of North Ogden, UT grew from 18,006 to 18,289, a 1.57% increase and its median household income grew from $75,375 to $78,598, a 4.28% increase.


Proximity to great neighborhoods make it easy for clients to hurry down to their appointment avoiding cancellations. Time is money!

Working in the Cannery Center draws clients to our location as well as provides collaboration opportunities with other businesses within our building. Security cameras and automatic locking outer doors keep the building secure, especially for working late.

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